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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ten interpretive questions

1. What is the significance of the title “Easy Pickings?”
2. What is the main message that Gautreaux is trying to get across?
3. How is grace offered in this story?
4. Which characters act like vehicles of grace for “Big Blade” and how?
5. How is this story similar/different to the previous stories by Gautreaux?
6. How does Big Blade change at the end?
7. What type of character do you think Mrs. Landreneaux is?
8. What are some of the key images in the story?
9. What do you think the group of old people who played cards represented?
10. What is some of the irony in this story?

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Tmart said...

Annie, Ok...these are not bad to start, but they remain a bit too general. Bring the story more into your questions. I.e. ask an interpretive question about one of the key images in the story (#8), utilize some of the key scenes/quotes within a question wherein a person might be able see grace in them(#3), etc. A good place to go to that might help you formulate interpretive questions is the Great Books Site at http://www.greatbooks.org/tutorial/questions/interpretive.html. Look at this page as well as the couple of links at the bottom of the page.