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Tim Gautreaux
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Creative Response (Letter to Character)

Welding with Children

Dear Grandfather,

I am writing to you to because I think you are a very strong person not only because of the way you treat your grandchildren, but also because of all the regret and remorse you have lived with your whole life. It is hard to live with regret because that is the only thing you ever think about. I am willing to forgive you for your past parenting with your daughters because the way you acted towards your grandchildren in the story is beautiful. You really got offered a second chance and you have fulfilled that chance well. I am sure it is not easy to be a parent and no one is perfect; it is ok to make mistakes. I think it is great that you wanted to fix these parenting mistakes you made with your daughters and use them to make your grandchildren into fine human beings. You have really had a great journey throughout the story and have grown so much. When Mr. Fordlyson said, "Bruton, everything worth doing hurts like hell," you let grace into your heart. At this point of the story I felt touched by your willingness to change and be the hero you are to your grandchildren. It is so sad that your grandchildren see you as their father, but it is also an honor for you at the same time since you didn't fulfill that honor with your daughters. These wise words from Mr. Fordlyson really made you realize that you got a second chance to fix your parenting skills and teach your daughters that life is too short to "throw" your children away because children are a special gift from God and should be cherished, loved, and cared for until the end of time.
Francesca Luizza

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