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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Easy Pickings Picture

Hi! I drew a picture of an important scene in the story. My scanner is kind of broken so there is a line through the title (Easy Pickings) but you can see everything else in the picture. It is the scene where Big Blade is threatening to kill the old lady, Mrs. Landreneaux. Mrs. Landreneaux is remaining very calm and pretending like nothing is wrong which is making Big Blade very confused and surprised. She offers him some food and acts very nice to him. This scene is important to me because it shows how strong of a person Mrs. Landreneaux is and her positive outlook on life. Big Blade is a very angry and insecure man who is lost within himself and has no way of getting out. His only way of escaping himself is by threatening to kill and rob other innocent people. The way Mrs. Landreneaux is acting towards Big Blade slowly changes his mind about life by the end of the story and makes him realize how important life really is.

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Tmart said...

Yes, this is a good scene. It is an interesting contrast you have identified between these two characters--the one who has the instrument of power but who is insecure and weak. And the older woman who, by making food and seeing him just as he is (a lost bitter man), continues to treat him with hospitality--essentially disarming him.