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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Letter to Mel

Dear Mel,

I think the way that you helped Leslie regain her faith in her grandfather was great. You may have been the cause of her worries, but you realized this and made sure to make things better. By researching the real facts and digging deeper than what was right in front of you, you gave Leslie the gift of grace. She was able to forgive her grandfather because she knew the truth. It might not have been the exact story because all you had to go by was the pictures and facts from the newspaper articles, but in the end she was happy with what she thought happened. She could continue to idolize her grandfather for the person that she thought he was. It may have been nosy for you to get involved with the family in the first place, but ultimately I think that you helped them get through things. It sounded to me that their family had a way of just not talking about hard subjects, but you helped bring their problems out into the open so that they could be resolved.

Annie Daniel

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