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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welding With Children - Character Comparisson

In the story Bruton notices that the past has caught up with him. Due to his lack in being a good father, his wild daughters seemed to live up to his parenting skills. Now with grandchild who don't have a father he steps up to the plate and tries to make up for lost time. Mr. Bruton can compare to the other characters of Gautreaux. Most of htem seemed to make for for lost time or make a new name for themselves. In Easy Pickings Big Blade was at first a normal little man who wasn't as intimidating as he was then. He made this mask and traveled around stealing from people which supposedly made him feel better as a person. Still trying to change his not so bad boy imagine from the past didn't turn out so well. Even though the end result is different from Mr. Bruton, the want for change and a better life brings them together. In The Misuse of Light Mel tries to change the present by trying to find this girl's past history. Even though it doesn't fully effect Mel he digs through the past and tries to clear up the misunderstanding to give the girl a better view of her deceased grandfather. Most of the main characters seem to want to make a better life for themselves or for someone else. Through their mistakes they learn how to make things better.

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