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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welding with Children- Character Comparison

In all three stories the events take place in Louisiana and in small towns. The main characters are smart and caring but this is not obvious. In the first story Mrs. L tricks the thief and ends up saving her life. While reading it I did not think that she was capable of doing something like that but she surprised me. She was caring because she fed him and treated him like a decent human being and even after he was captured she was disrespectful towards him in any way. In the second story, the main character cared about other people’s life and he was kind to them. Although through the picture he found something that he thought was bad he cared enough about it to right the situation. He saw that there was something weird in the whole thing and he found out that the grandfather was good and he saved the man’s reputation. The granddaughter still looked up to him. In the last story, the grandfather loved his grandchildren and he was hurt when they were insulted. He saw what was wrong with his grandchildren and found out how to fix the problem. He changed his house and his life because he cared about their future. I think that Gautreaux’s point in writing these stories is to show the everyday heroes in our life. If we were to open our eyes we would see them and the help that they offer.

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