Tim Gautreaux

Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welding With Children- 10 Questions

1. Were the daughters to blame for the children's behavior or the grandfather?
2. Does the grandfather deserve a second chance or did he miss this chance with his own kids?
3. Is the grandfather replacing his past with his grandchildren?
4. Does the daughter have a right to be defensive over her children?
5. If you were in the town, would you judge the grandfather and the kids the way Mr. Fordyson did?
6. Do you think Mr. Foryson was overall a vehicle of grace because of what he said to the grandfather or was he just being judgmental?
7. How would you compare the grandfather to other characters in this authors stories?
8. Compare his grandchildren and children. Are they replicas of each other?
9. What does the T.V. represent? How did it affect the children?
10. How does regret affect ones life and the people around them? Is the grandfather suffering from regret? If so does he deserve to be suffering?

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