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Tim Gautreaux
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Misuse Of Light- Interview with Tim Gautreaux

Catherine: Hello Mr. Gautreaux, how are you today?
Tim Gautreaux: Im very well, thank you.
C: How did you come up with the idea to write the story Misuse of Light?
T: While writing all of my stories, I try to imagine a normal, average man, with a old boring job, and give him a problem. Give him a situation he has to get out of. Allow this character to be interesting. give him other characters and people in his life to work with.
C: Is there anyone in particular you based Mel off of?
T: No not anyone specific, just my imagination.
C: Where do you go to find inspiration for your stories?
T: To be honest go to Walmart a lot, I find it a wonderful source for a good story
C: Most of your stories take place in the South, Louisiana mostly, any reason?
T: Yes, actually i grew up in Louisiana, and at the moment I am an English teacher at Southeaster Louisiana University.
C: Oh! Are you a writing teacher?
T: Yes I am.
C: Do you teach your students any tricks that you use to be a great writer?
T: I teach my students inspiration. I show them a character and they give them a personality, a situation, a family, a life. My students are wonderful, all I need to teach them is confidence in their writing.
C: Which story that you've written is your favorite?
T: I do not have a particular favorite but I do like the story "Welding With Children." I became very attached to the character of the grandfather. I connected with his story, with his guilt. He was a good man.
C: I loved that story as well. In most of your stories your main character is in trouble, a lot of the time with the law, why do you have your characters be the "bad guy?"
T: I have them be the "bad guy," in order for them to be able to be saved. To show their journey of change. To allow them to meet the one person that will change their life forever.
C: I must say I love your stories, and thank you so much for this chance to interview you.
T: Your welcome Catherine, I'm glad you enjoy my writing.

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